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Get more first-time visitors

Double your monthly first-time visitors with Visitplanner, a full-service platform that combines targeted advertising with powerful engagement software.

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Gather the info you need to make a great first impression

Guests use the Visitplanner widget to easily schedule their visit ahead of time - from any page on your website - and your team will be ready to greet them by name.


Use workflows to engage your guests before they arrive

Set up personalized communication sequences with Visitplanner to start real-time conversations, answer questions, and connect with first-time visitors.


How it works

Collect visitor information ahead of time

Using digital ads and software built specifically for churches, you can finally connect with guests before they arrive. It’s like getting their connect card before they get to church. Imagine the possibilities.

Send the right ads to the right people

You get a fully-managed digital advertising service built specifically to get new people in the door. We're not interested in "brand awareness". Anyone can do that. We exist to help your church grow.

Double your reach with the VP widget

With our customizable web widget, you’re not just relying on ads. Your website itself becomes a powerful tool for getting first-time visitors. It's like casting 2 nets into the same pond. We like those odds.

Engage your guests with a personal touch

Automated text and email sequences break the ice before your guests arrive. But it doesn't stop there. Two-way texting and a custom phone number with your area code adds a personal touch.

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Grew SOCO Church from 0 to 1,000+ in 9 months


The increase in first-time guests with Visitplanner

Visitplanner is a genius way to take the awkward out of the first visit. Instead of scrambling and hoping to get a connection after church, you have all of their information before they even enter the door for the first time. It has truly helped us make each new guest feel at home and like part of the family, and we now have easy, auto-generated ways to follow up and continue to connect.

Pastor Kelsey

New Life Church

People are looking for something more. People want to be in community. Visitplanner is the best resource available to lower barriers and make it easy for those searching online to have a great in-person experience. Since using Visitplanner, we have seen a record number of first time guests – a 300% increase!

Pastor Joe

Echo Life Church

Visitplanner is an amazing tool that allows us to really show guests a five-star experience. The platform is designed to take all the guess work out of interacting and following up with a first time guest. A first time guest no longer has to feel like a stranger when they pull into our parking lot, because, with Visitplanner, our team is ready to truly welcome them Home.

Pastor Shawn

Lifepoint Church

Visitplanner has been an invaluable tool for us. We've been able to better engage first time guests and follow up with them in a way that scales. We have experienced a significant increase in tracking first time guests and retaining them.

Pastor Shawn

Lifepoint Church

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Try Visitplanner risk free

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund you.

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